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easthighelite's Journal

East High Elite
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Welcome to East High Elite (easthighelite), a sorting community based on the Disney Channel Original Movie, High School Musical. Each member here is sorted into three cliques: The Jocks, The Brainiacs, and The Actors.

Each member must be sorted before joining this community. Sorting takes place at easthighsorting. Please read the rules about sorting there, as well as complete the application found in its userinfo.

easthighelite easthighsorting
easthighjocks easthighbrains easthighactors

Moderator: britain [J]
Co-Moderator: voirs [J]
Co-Moderator: musical_junkie [B]

Sorting Manager: shownemotion [A]
Sorting Manager: supkaitrooney [A]

Actors Captain: spellbounded
Actors Co-Captain: shownemotion

Brainiacs Captain: tf_4_life_476
Brainiacs Co-Captain: musical_junkie, temporarily. We need someone else to fill this position. If you are interested, please comment to the officials' application post.

Jocks Captain: my_badgers_27
Jocks Co-Captain: britain

1. This is a sorting community. In order to be a part of this community, you must be sorted. Sorting takes place at easthighsorting.

2. Absolutely no bashing. Yes, you are competinf for points, but that doesn't mean you could start up any drama. Please, keep it out of this community.

3. Treat any and all officials with respect, and they will treat you the same way. If you are raising a question, please do not bash any officials. Anyone who is forceful or rude to anyone in this community will be banned.

4. If you wish to use any signature tags, they must not be larger than 470 pixels in total dimensions. For instance, you could have a sig tag that is 270 by 200 pixels, but not 370 by 200 pixels. When you add the width and length, they must not exceed 470 pixels.

5. Participation is encouraged. There will be a lot of contests within each clique, as well as the main community, so please participate. The more participation, the better your chances of getting house points.

6. When posting, please put YOUR CLIQUE as the tag for the entry. If you are a mod, captain, or anything else, please put your position as well.

7. Kindness first. That's all we ask. We're all in this together.

The Jocks; easthighjocks are known for being bold, brave, and ambitious.
The Brainiacs; easthighbrains are known for being intelligent, witty, and stubborn.
The Actors; easthighactors are known for being creative, energetic, and serious.

You may use these quick blurbs about each clique when doing your application, or you may think of your own!

Clique Points
The Jocks -- 266
The Brainiacs -- 126
The Actors -- 191